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Meet Clark

The Right Experience

With a background of considerable achievements, it’s easy to get lost in the details of all Clark Jolley has accomplished for Oklahomans. Between his twelve-year service as a State Senator, his role as the State’s Secretary of Finance, and as Chairman of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, nobody has a greater breadth of experience to be State Treasurer than does Clark Jolley.


As only the third Republican to serve as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Jolley led the efforts to balance the budget without raising taxes – something he did for each of the five years he chaired that powerful committee. As Secretary of Finance, Administration, and Information Technology, Jolley successfully navigated difficult waters to keep the state’s bond rating from dropping during a time of tumult in the oil & gas industry. As Chairman of the Tax Commission, Jolley advocated for taxpayers and helped bring greater transparency and quicker response times – all while bringing in

more state funds from old accounts and stopping more than 27,000 fraudulent tax returns.

Experience is vitally important, but what also sets Clark Jolley apart are his conservative values – not the least of which is work ethic. As the primary author of more than 350 passed bills and resolutions, including a constitutional amendment on alcohol reform, Jolley spent his time in the legislature largely

undoing what had been done during almost 100 years of Democratic control. Jolley’s work to reduce drunk driving (as well as his other support for law and order) was recognized by our state’s District Attorneys, and Jolley’s efforts to improve education caused the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to name him a “Champion.” Jolley was twice named “Legislator of the Year” by the Oklahoma Troopers Association and received an award with the same name from the Oklahoma National Guard Association, the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association, the Oklahoma Municipal League, and numerous other trade associations.


the right Values


Clark Jolley has always been an advocate for lower taxes, protecting the life of the unborn, and improving government transparency and accountability.  Jolley authored and passed legislation to make our education system more accountable, to make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business in Oklahoma, and to reduce the size of government by reducing state assets.  While a senator, he authored the Taxpayer Transparency Act and while a Tax Commissioner, he helped lead innovations to allow for easier renewal of car tags, and modernization of communication with taxpayers that has led to greater engagement.  He has done this and more while cutting operational costs by 14%. 


A lifelong Oklahoman, Jolley attended college at Oklahoma Baptist University before earning a juris doctorate from the University of Oklahoma and a certificate in Public Treasury Management from Pepperdine University.  Jolley’s expertise in financial matters has made him a sought-after adjunct professor who gives back by teaching college courses at both Mid-America Christian University and Oklahoma Christian University.   

Clark Jolley and his wife, April, live in Edmond.  Jolley’s daughter is currently a student at the University of Central Oklahoma, while his oldest son attends Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  In addition, they have two sons attending Edmond Public Schools.  The Jolley’s are active members of Crossings Community Church. 

The Right Plan

  1. Integrity - Above all else – run the Office of the State Treasurer with unquestionable integrity.

  2. Protect – Be the watchdog protecting all taxpayer funds, including state pension systems so promises made can be promises kept.

  3. Secure – Enhance our digital protection strategy against foreign adversaries and their cyberattacks on Oklahoma’s financial system.

  4. Safeguard - Refuse to let the “Cancel Culture” influence our state’s investments and finances.

  5. Build – Promote and further develop the 529 education savings program to make college and career certifications more affordable and a reality for all Oklahoma families.

  6. Reunite - Improve the Unclaimed Property program to reunite more Oklahomans with their lost wealth and assets.

  7. Advocate - Fight for proven economic growth policies that keep money in hands of taxpayers, not government.

  8. Transparent - Be a model of efficiency and transparency in State Government.

  9. Defend - Fight against President Biden’s proposed intrusions into our personal financial liberty and privacy.

  10. Support – Provide sound economic data to elected leaders in state and local government to support them in their roles as policy makers to improve investmentreturns and protect Oklahoma’s bond rating.