2nd Amendment Rights

Clark Jolley is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment Rights, and has consistently supported and voted for legislation that protects our 2nd Amendment rights.  Our right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of self-protection against those who would harm and threaten our lives and that of our family.

Clark stood with other state legislative leaders and filed an Amicus Brief with the United States Supreme Court urging the defeat of a local government's attempt to curb the gun ownership rights of its citizens. The case (Otis McDonald v. City of Chicago) was decided in favor of the individual's rights and not gun-grabbing zealots.

Clark Jolley also co-authored Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” Law to not require our citizen’s to flee in fear of those who wish them imminent harm.

Our Second Amendment Rights are under vicious attack from anti-gun zealots. You can count on Clark Jolley to stand up for our 2nd Amendment Rights in Congress.